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Smart Mix Player

Intelligent Auto DJ & Radio Automation Software

Smart Mix Player plays audio files as a non stop mix. The software is a fantastic tool for radio stations that play non stop music and it can also be used at parties.

Smart Mix Player

Smart Mix Player is a revolutionary auto-dj-player for Linux and Windows. It mix audio files, but not in the way that traditional auto-dj-software does! Most of these players mix songs together at the end of a song with a simple fade out and fade in. Smart Mix Player goes a big step further and mixes like a real DJ!

Each song is mixed tightly because the software:

And that's not all: thanks to an ingenious algorithm, the player can mix your entire music collection without changing the pitch too much. In this way songs with large differences in bpm are also included in the playlist. And it's also possible to save and broadcast mixes (Icecast and Shoutcast).

Watch the demo video!

The songs in this video have been used with kind permission from Space Sound Records, Flashback Records and Savino Deejay.

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Download trial version

The trial version is shareware and has the following limitations:

To get rid of this limits you will have to buy the full version

After downloading the software, you will first need to complete some actions before you can use the player. Therefore read the documentation before you start. If you still need help afterwards, please send an email to contact

Download the free demo-version of Smart Mix Player

Latest update: 2018, august 13

Read the documentation for installation instructions.

Buy full version

It's recommended to try the free trial version first. After this you can decide whether you want to buy the full version.

The full version costs € 39.95 (incl. VAT). Orders are processed manually, so it can take up to 24 hours before you receive a license key.

I accept the following Terms and Conditions:
  1. After delivery of my license key I will not be able to refund the money (because I had the option to try out the shareware version for free first).
  2. I will not share my license key (otherwise I run the risk of being blocked).


Set and forget!

Smart Mix Player is a set and forget system. This means that some preparation is required to let the player mix songs automatically. But once you have done this, you do not have to do anything and you can enjoy different mixes time after time.

Installing and preperations

  1. Install Smart Mix Player

  2. Modify config.txt - Go the folder "data" and open the file config.txt. Change the path of your music files and if desired also the path of your sleeves and jingles. Then, save config.txt.

  3. Add songs to database - Now it's time to add audio files to the database with the Smart Mix Collection application. If desired, you can first add a few songs and expand the database later.

    It's recommend to pre-sort your audio files on BPM and add them to the database in order of BPM, so that you can test the player after entering a number of songs. BPM Analyzer is a free tool that you can use for this.

    The songs in the above video tutorial have been used with kind permission from Space Sound Records and Savino Deejay.

    In Smart Mix Collection click on the "Add" button to add a new song. Click on the button select audio file button next to "File" to select an audio file (the following types are supported: MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, WAV, AIFF). If desired add a sleeve (only JPG files are allowed) and fill in all song information. Discogs can be very handy for this.

    Smart Mix Collection shows a waveform of your audio file (you can enlarge it by clicking on the button "big waveform"). You must place markers in the waveform to indicate the position of the intro and break. You get the best result if you choose a part with only beats, a vocal or a melody. You can often recognize such parts in the waveform.

    To be sure you can click on it to place the cursor (yellow line) at that part and click the "play" button to hear if this part of the song is suitable for mixing. If this is the case, select that part and click on the button "zoom in to selection". Zoom in further to find the exact start position of the intro and set the "intro begin" marker. Then zoom out and find in the waveform the end of the intro. The length of the intro must be 1 bar (32 beats). If the begin and end markers are set. You can repeat the same steps to set the "break begin" and "break end" markers.

    After this click on the "zoom out full" button to see the complete waveform. Now move your mouse cursor between the intro markers or break markers and doubleclick on the left mouse button to select the intro or break. Now you can compare the length of the intro and break. If they are not about the same length, a marker is in the wrong place.

    Then play the selection to hear which elements are in it, like: vocals, bass line, melody or beats. Select these checkboxes in Smart Mix Collection. Optionally you can also check the fade-in or fade out checkboxes.

    Now it's time to listen to whether the intro beats are in sync with other songs. Click on the 'Mix intro test' button to execute Smart Mix Player. The player loads the song plus a random song. This way you can listen if the mixed intro sounds good. By clicking on the 'New mix' button you can load another random song. Smart Mix Collection is disabled until you close Smart Mix Player.

    If the beats are running synchronously (which is usually the case) you do not have to do anything. Otherwise, check if the intro markers are in the right place. If not, then delete the marker and place the marker at the correct postion. Click again on the 'Mix intro test' button to hear if the beats are now well synchronized.

    If the beats are still not synchronous then zoom in and find the exact position of the beats and place a "beat" marker on each beat position. Then click again on the 'Mix intro test' button to hear if the beats are now well synchronized. If not then check carefully if all beat positions are on the correct position.

    After you have set the intro markers, you can also place an "intro prestart" marker, if desired. This can be useful if a voice or melody starts just before the beginning of the intro. The "intro prestart" marker must be set before the "intro begin" marker. At this point the song will be mixed.

    For the break you can optionally use a "mute" or a "continue" marker. The "mute" marker can be used if you want to switch off the sound of the break at a certain point. For example, when a melody or singing begins just before the end of the break. The "continue" marker can be used if you want to continue a song after the break.

    If all data is entered correctly you can save the record by clicking on the Save button.

  4. Add jingles (not required) - If you want to broadcast your mix, you may also want to play jingles. Smart Mix Player can do this automatically and always mix a random jingle exactly for a new song starts.

    Smart Mix Jingles

    Smart Mix Player only plays jingles that you added to the database with the Smart Mix Jingles application. Adding a jingle is easy. Click on the Add button and then on the button select audio file button next to "File" to select an audio file.

    If the jingle has no silence, a fade or an echo, you can click on the Save button. Otherwise, first set a "continue" marker in the waveform. The marker must be set at the position where the fade, echo or silence begins.

Run Smart Mix Player

If you have customized config.txt and added some songs to Smart Mix Collection, you can run Smart Mix Player. Just start the application and click on the 'Play' button to start the mix.

If you want to listen to another mix, you can click on the 'New mix' button. A new window will open where you can specify the settings of the new mix. You can change them or you can leave them as they are. Click the apply button to load a new mix based on the settings.

player settings

Below an explanation of all options:


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